Word on the Water

Ahoy there, book-lovers! Word on the Water is a local bookshop with a big difference – it’s the only one in London that floats. This shop is actually a canal barge, and it chugs up and down Regent’s Canal and the River Lea, often mooring up by Springfield Park, Mile End or Broadway Market. Come to buy a book, stroke the cats, listen to poetry readings or even hear music on the roof stage.

Where is it?

E5 9EF
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Good to know

Wow fact

The book barge is run by Paddy the Doctor, John the Professor and the mysterious French Captain. If you want to know his name, you can always ask him – but only if you speak French.

Find out more

Paddy Screech 07976 886 982
Facebook: facebook.com/wordonthewater
Twitter: wordonthewater

Things to do

- Read some great books – and bring one home with you.
- Listen to music and poetry.
- Watch the colourful narrowboats.

What we did: Year 3 Rowan, Rushmore Primary School

Paddy showed us around the barge and we read some books on board. The cats looked very cosy curled up near the wood-burning stove. Afterwards we drew pictures of the narrowboats with illustrators Becky and Liz, and we wrote about some of the other things we could see on the river. Then we stuck our pictures together to make one giant frieze eight meters long!