Hoxton Hall

Are you a superstar in the making? If you fancy a go at acting, art, dancing or making music, the place to do it is Hoxton Hall. This Victorian venue isn’t just for watching artists and performers – it’s a place where you can be an artist or a performer yourself. Young people can join free creative sessions and workshops, and make use of the modern music studio, rehearsal and performance spaces, and a design suite.

Where is it?

130 Hoxton Street, London
N1 6SH
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Good to know

Hoxton Hall provides sessions in art, drama, dance and music for local young people aged 7–19. Sessions are free and open to all abilities, and you can sign up to as many as you like.

Wow fact

Hoxton Hall used to be a music hall. It was once shut down in 1871 after neighbours complained about the noisy, rowdy audiences!

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Things to do

- Unleash your inner artist.
- Try out acting, dancing or music.
- Have fun and meet new friends.
- See a show.

What we did: Year 6 Oak and Willow Rushmore Primary School

Lorna and Beverley gave us a tour, where we learnt about the history of Hoxton Hall. After the tour, we did a Type Tasting workshop with Sarah, a graphic designer. In the workshop we thought up loads of words inspired by Hoxton Hall. Then we made the words based on old woodblock-style typefaces from Victorian music hall posters.