Evergreen Adventure Playground

Evergreen is an adventure playground in Dalston. It has got a zip wire, a huge boat, climbing nets, all-weather football and an allotment with fish ponds and much more! In the summer they take kids on trips to theme parks, the sea side or into the centre of London. 

Where is it?

Beehive Close

E8 3JT
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Good to know

It's an open access and inclusive play project for children aged 5–15. Indoors there's spaces for games, arts and crafts, soft play. Kitchen for cooking and toilets. Outdoors there's a large garden, wildlife pond, wooded area and lots of exciting play equipment. 

Wow fact

In the summer holidays 120 kids a day have fun at Evergreen! The adventure playground is 40 years old.

Find out more

020 7275 9004, evergreenplay@yahoo.co.uk

Things to do

- Explore the wildlife gardens and pond
- See if you can find the gold fish in the pond?
- Have fun on the exciting play equipment
- Try out the really long zip wire
- Try the net climbing, it's really cool when you reach the top

Excellent Evergreen by Alma Harrison, 9 years old

When we got there we met the leader of Evergreen her name is Pat. She was kind and made me feel welcome. Pat told us about the allotment and pond. She said we could have a look around and try out some of the things, she recommended the zip wire.

First I went on a thing that was shaped like a teepee, but you could climb on it and you could get some one to push you to go round and round – it was ace! Then we went to check out the vegetables in the allotment and we had a look at the ponds. I took up the net and started fishing up tadpoles. It was so exciting having a tadpole in my hand. We also found a box that had a frog inside. My dad took it out and held it on his hand and then the little green frog jumped into my shoe! The zip wire recommended by Pat was so good that I went on it three times. It was so exciting and it was so fast, so you could see the the view of the whole playground but it was blurry. Next I went on the climbing net and when I got to the top I could see some boys playing tag and I could hear lots of screaming too. They were having fun! Back down I tried the monkey bars (ps. I’m really rubbish at them! :) I couldn’t get to the third bar with out falling.

I think Evergreen Adventure Playground is great fun and if you go there I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Interviewing Pat Macantsionnaigh Co-Playleader at Evergreen

Alma: What do you do when it rains?
Pat: We’re still open and the children can play outside. They can also play inside in the soft play room, artroom or the hall. If they want to play outside in the rain they can, but we don’t put the swings up because the platforms get too slippery.

Alma: What is your favourite part of the playground?
Pat: Oh, that’s a difficult one. My favourite part is all of it, I love the whole playground.

Alma: When is your busiest day?
Pat: It’s during the holidays. Especially the summer holidays, we have about 120 children here, every day, so it’s really busy.

Alma: What do you give out of ten of how much children have fun?
Pat: I think you have to ask some of the children. I would say 9.9 :)