St Augustine's Tower

A familiar landmark in the centre of Hackney, the Grade I listed Tower is all that is left of the old church which was built at the end of the 13th century when Hackney was a village separated by fields from the City of London. 

Where is it?

St Augustine's, Mare Street, London
E8 1HR
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Good to know

The tower is open the last Sunday of the month from 2pm-4.30pm. Entry is free, but donations are appreciated. They sell a great history book for children about the tower called 'Trouble at the Tower'. There's disabled access to the ground floor and there's an interactive virtual-reality panorama from the rooftop showing the view. School visits can be arranged and there's education packs available. Contact Lisa Pressland on for bookings.

Wow fact

It's the oldest building in Hackney!

Find out more
020 8986 0029

Things to do

Climb the 135 stairs for the best view of Hackney.

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