Hackney Museum

Discover the stories of some of the amazing people that have made their homes in Hackney over the last 1,000 years, from Anglo-Saxon settlers to early Victorian villas and recent refugees. The displays reveal diverse and changing history through fascinating interviews, objects and images.

Where is it?

Ground Floor
Technology and Learning Centre
1 Reading Lane

E8 1GQ
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Good to know

There's toilets and a cafe next door. 

Wow fact

The museum collects objects to do with Hackney's history and people. Most of these have been donated by generous local people. We now care for a collection of over 7,000 items, including local history, art, historic photographs, archaeology and items from many of Hackney's diverse cultures. Do you have something you would like to donate?

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Things to do

Hackney Museum offer learning sessions and teacher packs to support a variety of subjects for learners of all ages and abilities. Go online to find out about these and current exhibitions, workshops and activities.

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