Castle Climbing Centre

The Castle is an indoor climbing centre with a massive garden which includes a big hill, a tree you can climb and bushes you can hide in. There's lots of indoor climbing activities and a club for children over the age of 9 who can learn to climb properly. If your parent is a member of the Castle you can climb for free. 

Where is it?

Green Lanes, London
N4 2HA
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Good to know

Toilets, a small indoor cafe which is good, secure bicycle parking, gardens and allotments, outdoor seating, equipment rental. Car parking is nearby at the West Reservoir.

Wow fact

The Castle used to be a pumping station for the New River.

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Things to do

- Climbing and eating.

By Ben Homan, 9 yrs

I climbed the children's wall with a harness and swung off it. I've done some bouldering (climbing without a rope). I've been to bonfires there and helped on gardening days.