Clissold Park

This park is pretty big with lots of things for children to do. There are a few dead trees to climb on and a huge playground. There's a big open area to ride bikes and scooters, there's also a cafe and a skateboard park.

Where is it?

Clissold Park, Clissold House, Green Lanes, London
N16 9HJ
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Good to know

There's a cafe, toilets, animal area (goats, deer, birds etc), Growing Communities plot, dog free areas, two ponds, ornamental garden, playground, skate park, tennis courts, one o'clock club building, fountains, paddling pool and bridges.

Wow fact

The New River runs through Clissold Park and it's 400 years old this year, so not really new at all!

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Things to do

- Cycle and scoot down the ramp next to the cafe.
- Slide down the zip wire in the playground.
- Look at the goats.

By Ben Homan, 9 yrs

We had picnics in the dog free area, played for hours in the playground and cycled like maniacs.