Abney Park

Abney Park is home to one of the wildest cemeteries in the whole of London. There are old trees, overgrown plants, hidden paths, a ruined chapel and a children’s garden – not to mention hundreds of weird and wonderful gravestones. It’s a historic place that’s full of mystery and stories, and it’s perfect for exploring and having adventures.

Where is it?

Stoke Newington High Street, London
N16 0LH
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Good to know

Good to know The children’s garden at the entrance to the park hosts school visits, workshops, walks and storytelling sessions. Also at the entrance, the visitors’ centre has maps and leaflets.

Wow fact

Lots of interesting people are buried here, including Frank Bostock, a famous circus entertainer who put on animal shows and tamed lions. Look out for the marble lion gravestone.

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Things to do

- Explore London’s spookiest cemetery.
- Learn about the park’s amazing trees and plant life.
- Find the marble lion.
- Spot a tawny owl, a parakeet or a woodpecker.
- Try out gravestone rubbing.

What we did: Year 5 Sycamore, Rushmore Primary School

Lights - camera - ACTION! At Abney Park Cemetery we became film directors and made a cool action movie. Filmmaker Christine showed us how to make storyboards and think about lighting and framing. Before the filming, John and Delphine from Abney Park Trust showed us round the cemetery. We learned about the plants and wildlife, and looked at headstones, the catacombs and the chapel. You can watch our movie below.