Springfield Park

Springfield Park is the only park in Hackney with really steep hills. Which makes it brilliant for sledging in winter. But there’s loads to see and do all year round, including giant trees, weird-shaped hedges, and a playground with a pirate ship!

Where is it?

Springfield Park, Springfield Mansion, Springfield, London
E5 9EF
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Good to know

There’s a loo and baby-changing facilities at the White House and Springfield Park Cafe.

Wow fact

Springfield Park has 87 different types of tree – including yew trees, which can live to 2,000 years old. You can pick up a free tree map from the ranger’s office or the café.

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Things to do

- Have fun in the ship in the playground.
- Climb on the huge tree trunks.
- Go sledging in winter.
- Hide under the willow tree.
- Spot narrowboats in the canal.

What we did: Year 3 Acacia, Rushmore Primary School

GRAAAAAAAH! This picture is of us being scary animals. Illustrators Becky and Liz helped us make masks and then we played at being animals, hiding in the big hedges. At school we have been learning about ‘creatures of the imagination’. So our animals could be anything we wanted – even ones that don’t exist!

After the animal game, Marco the park ranger took us on a tree tour. He showed us trees that grew when dinosaurs were around. We also saw the biggest sugar maple tree in the UK. Can you find it when you come to Springfield Park?