What is Hackney Wow?

  • Did you know that a famous lion tamer is buried in Stoke Newington?
  • Or that there’s a secret shop for monsters in Hoxton Street?
  • Or that a crocodile might be hiding in the River Lea?

Hackney is an amazing place. It’s full of fantastic things to do and places to explore. And we don’t just mean parks and playgrounds. We’re talking about floating bookshops, crazy markets, historic houses, spooky cemeteries, grow-your-own gardens and exploded bomb craters.

All this is right here, on our doorsteps. And that’s just for starters.

We thought it was about time you discovered all the great stuff in Hackney for yourself. So we’ve come up with Hackney Wow, a new guide to the area made for kids, by kids.

Hackney Wow doesn’t just show you where to go – it also has loads of ideas for what to do when you get there. In Hackney, anything can happen – all you need is your imagination.

Although Hackney Wow is mainly for kids, it’s also good for grown-ups. And teachers can use it to plan activities and school trips.

When you live somewhere, it’s easy to forget about what’s happening all around you. So why not get out there and take a closer look? We think you’ll be in for a surprise.

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We need your help

We want to find out all about your own favourite places in Hackney, and the things you like to do there. If you’ve got a tip for a great place, or an idea for a fun activity, please let us know.

Do you have a favourite park? Which are the best swings in Hackney? Do you know a cool place for off-road cycling, or a tree that’s good for climbing? And where’s the best place to go if it’s raining?

Tell us about a place and why you like it, and your tip will be shared on the Hackney Wow website.

If you are a school and your class has been on a great trip out, share your experience and we can feature the pupils’ work online.

You can share your ideas in whatever way you like. It could be a letter, a poem, a photo, a drawing or even a film. The more creative and imaginative, the better!

Click here to share your favourite places in Hackney or send a tweet: @hackneywow

English not your first language? If you would like anything here to be translated, email us at hackneywow@gmail.com and we’ll try to help.

A message from Rushmore Primary’s head teacher:

Rushmore school children and staff have had lots of fun taking part in and helping to create Hackney Wow.

From wonderful theatres and green spaces to boat trips and museums, Hackney Wow has created an inspiring learning journey for Rushmore children. And they’ve developed useful skills and got to know their local community along the way.

Rushmore Primary School will certainly be using Hackney Wow for future cross-curricular learning experiences and school outings. I would invite all Hackney schools to get involved with this really exciting initiative.

Go Hackney Wow!

Ian Mullaney, Rushmore Primary School, Clapton